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Himmels Kaffee

Coffee is not just coffee…
Do you also love to enjoy a cup of good coffee? Then you know exactly what I mean…

There are many different types of beans. Each variety has its own unique aroma, which is influenced by the type of soil the coffee plant is growing on in the farm, the number of hours of sunshine and the amount of rain during the growing period. Other decisive factors that shape the taste of the coffee fruit are the harvesting process, processing, transport, storage and roasting. All this important information is stored in the sensitive coffee bean and determines its aroma and quality. For my single origins and also for my coffee blends, I only use coffee beans of the highest quality. In order to maintain this quality, I roast as single Origin even if it will be blended. In this way, the coffee beans can fully unfold their wonderful aroma and give a freshly prepared heavenly coffee, with its strong, elegant note. By mixing these single origins into a blend, I keep creating new heavenly pleasures.