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  • contract roasting

You bring your coffee to Himmels Roesterei and we design a roasting profile from your beans. This way you can taste your coffee before production. As soon as you have given your approval, we will be happy to roast your coffee for you.

  • coffee storage

You bring your green coffee to Himmels roasting hall and we’ll be happy to store it for you. The monthly storage fee depends on the m2 stored.

  • Green coffee grading

As a trained Q Arabica Grader and Q Processing Generalist, Ludwig Himmel is happy to rate your green coffee according to CQI regulations.

  • Barista Training

Whether private (home barista) or professional, you have come to the right place! we would be happy to train you on the topics of growing countries, processing of green coffee, roasting and coffee preparation.

  • coaching

We offer you professional assistance in your gastronomy: 

On the work – barista coaching

One by One – Barista Coaching 

group training

  • Our competencies:

  1. Gastronomy specialist with high school diploma

  2. MBA in Tourism Management

  3. SCAE  Certified Barista

  4. Q Arabica graders since 2019

  5. Q Processing Generalist since 2020

  6. Monthly  Coffee Tasting  “online” with Scott Rao & Ryan Brown (currently paused)

  7. “Cuppers Calibration” up to 4 times a year mit  NKG Quality Institute

  8. Coffee trips with farm visits to the growing countries.

  9. Regular coffee assessment for the company  Human Impact Projects  GmbH

  10. Calibration with  Cup of Excellence

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