“De gustibus non est disputandum.” There is no arguing about tastes.

Everyone likes their coffee differently. If you want to compare coffees objectively, they must always be prepared in the same way. I have put together a little help for you.

Pour Over

Filter coffee is a fine extraction of ground coffee. The water needs more time to prepare, so the ground coffee must not be too fine. For one liter of water, take 60g of coffee beans (always use this rule of thumb), which you grind to about the size of a grain of sand. Put the ground coffee in the filter (I recommend a  gold filter). If you use a paper filter, it must first be rinsed with hot water. Heat the water to 92-94ºC, pour about 1/3 of it over the ground coffee and stir gently. Let the water “work” for about 30 seconds (blooming). Now pour the rest onto the ground coffee. Always in a circle shape and watering all the coffee. The extraction should take 2-3 minutes in total.


The birth of espresso was in 1901 when Luigi Bezzera developed the first commercial espresso machine. But what is an espresso? The espresso is a coffee concentrate. The globally recognized Specialty Coffee Association defines the preparation of espresso as follows: 7-10g of finely ground coffee is extracted with 90-94ºC hot water under pressure for 25-35 seconds. The resulting drink should have a volume of 30 ml.

If you want to make a real Italian espresso at home, first weigh the coffee (7-10g), put the powder in the sieve and compact it (tamping). Insert the portafilter and extract the espresso until the weight reaches 1:2 (7g ground coffee=> 14g espresso). Pay attention to the throughput time (25-35 seconds).